How to try it

Go to If you want to try to create a participation process, you need to login as an admin ( / decidim123456) and to go to the Admin Dashboard:

There, you can enter a process id to trigger the import process. You can also try to import MPs as bots.

I recommend using this ID: H403146 It's the process for the climate law of last year and the one I tested the most against. I haven't tested agains every process so I cannot say that my importer is crash-proof yet. It's just a POC :)

My presentation and others can be found here:

The code


I created Din Riksdag in January by inspiring myself from a couple of participatory platforms form other countries. You can find a presentation on a few of them here:

What it does

It enables citizens and representatives to exchange and co-construct. You can think of it as a social network like Facebook except it features advanced features for proposals, debates and decision-making. We also aim at using BankID and SPAR to make it troll-proof, and make sure that the people using the platform are real citizens.

How we built it

Din Riksdag is adapted from Decidim, a renowned platform developed by Barcelona and used in a lot of other communities (ex: City of Helsinki)

Challenges we ran into

Din Riksdag is all about solving social challenges and open data is a crucial part of it. But unfortunately, Riksdagen is not a partner of the hackathon so the rules say that their data doesn't count :( To go around that and be able to participate, I played with some data from SCB to create a demokratiindex for municipalities of Sweden. I agregated several indicators to rank them and show which ones are most dynamic when it comes to participatory democracy. I also used geo data from Lantmateriet to visualise it as a heatmap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We organised a workshop during the hackathon to try and hack Sweden's democratic processes.

What's next for Din Riksdag

See the presentation :)

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