Reality is no longer what it used to be. New technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) are changing the way we experience the world. 'Dimensions' partly emerge from the strong will to take part in these advances. However, it is also born from the quest for new dimensions in gaming. Why not combining videogames and recycled materials? Why not creating innovative playstyles? Welcome to some new dimensions.

What it does

The 'Dimensions' cardboard is equipped with a AR target. In each of the modes (versus or exploration), a field will be summoned along with the "player spheres". The objective of the game is to collect the coins that are hidden in the maze.

-Versus mode: player A controls its sphere with the arrow keys / a joystick (Sixaxis Controller), while player B plays from a smartphone, making use of its accelerometers. A third player controls the field: he/she will be able to hide information to the rest of the players and invert the control (or even be good and help any of them!).

-Exploration mode: the first player controls the sphere and the second player helps him/her (or not) by controlling the ground. Collect all the red coins but beware from the traps!

Players can create their own rules, so be original! Also, you will be more motivated by our random-stage algorithm which generates new random (but solvable) challenges for you and your friends.

How we built it

It was built in Unity. The AR technology was implemented using Vuforia and the random-stage algorithm was initially designed in Matlab.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was to create an AR target that could perform the best in our working frame. We finally used a collage made with HackPrinceton and sponsors' stickers in a cardboard. Then the challenges were mainly small features that we implemented (lights, animations, actions, etc.). And no sleeping. That's always a great challenge...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We really had fun coding and designing our project. We are very proud of having designed finally our first videogame (a childhood's dream for all the team...). In addition, we believe that we have explored very interesting 'dimensions' along the project (innovation with AR, players designing their own rules, combining completely different controllers and automatic stages generation) and we have managed to make them clearly present in our work.

What we learned

A lot! Not only about Unity and Vuforia (first time for all the team) but also about redesign and exploration of new ways of gaming.

What's next for Dimensions

For sure it will be creating bigger and combined fields, gathering more players at the same game and keeping giving them freedom to play their own game!

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