"I'm sorry, I have no clue what the professor is saying"


During my Philosophy class last week, our professor had given a lecture on different kinds of arguments and presented us with one to discuss with the person sitting next to us for 5 minutes. I turned to my neighbor and started talking about arguments until he stopped me and told me he had no clue what the professor had been talking about all class. He told me he was majoring in Philosophy and Economics, but couldn't understand the professor in Philosophy since my neighbor was an international student and his first language was not English. I realized that he was not the only one in the class that had the same problem, and soon realized that this is a widespread problem that expands almost every single international exchange student.

What it does

Our app, DiLog, allows students to listen to lectures in class in their own native language (in real time!). The app also transcribes it so they can also read it if they missed anything. It also allows them to ask the professor questions and the professor can see their student's questions and comments on their own devices.

How we built it

We used swift and objective-c to build the iOS app and used the Google Cloud Platform for their Google Speech and Google Translate API's. They were extremely fun to use and very flexible. We also used Google's firebase for their database and analytics.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out the most efficient way to incorporating multiple Google platforms together. We also needed to find out what was the best way to store information in a database, and firebase was the answer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

When the API's worked perfectly and provided both speech and text translations seamlessly. It was a moment of euphoria.

What we learned

We learned a lot, not only about API's and Google Cloud Platform, but about ourselves! We learned our strengths and weaknesses and learned to rely on each other for help

What's next for DiLog

We plan to keep working on it and add new features such as user profiles, recording lectures and saving them to your phone, playback services, improve diction and other features that include data.

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