I thought the theme this week was rather obscure, and was unsure of what to make. So, I decided to recreate the Top Trump card game digitally by using Javascript.

What it does

In this game, you can choose to either play with random cards each round, or with a single card throughout the whole game. In the game, each card has 5 categories and you can choose which of these categories you want to play (choose the one which you think is highest so you will win) and then the computers card will flip over and display what was on it. The category which you selected will be compared to that same category on the computer's card. If it is higher, you win the round, if it is lower, the computer wins the round. There are 5 rounds in each game, and the cards will change and not repeat for each of these rounds. Once you have finished a game, you will be presented with a summary of all the options and comparisons chosen in the game, and will be promoted to start a new game :)

How we built it

I built this game using vanilla javascript. It is the first 'game' I have ever created as I usually create websites and apps. But I mangled to make it using vanilla javascript functions and HTML, CSS, Bootstrap for layout and styling

Challenges we ran into

As I previously mentioned, I had never created a game-like application before, so I struggled using such complex javascript (thank god for stack overflow haha). But once I got going, the process did not have too many failures, just lots of bugs!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of completing this game application with the timeframe and for having all the features I wanted it to have - especially the summary!

What we learned

I learned lots about javascript functions!

What's next for diKNOW

I hope to add photographs for each of the cards so you know what the dinosaur you are playing looks like.

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