We ended up wanting to make a game.

What it does

It tells a simple story about overcoming loss, and obstacles.

How we built it

We built it using GMS2 (Game Maker Studio 2) and their GML programming language. It's very user-friendly, which is helpful for beginners like us at our first Hackathon.

Challenges we ran into

The physics and collision systems were an absolute nightmare. This was a very new experience with GML and our code is quite suboptimal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A functional and complete game with all the features we originally planned.

What we learned

Making games is an absolute blast! We had a ton of fun slamming our head against bugs in code and the art/design process as well. We also learned a lot more about GML functions and its similarities and differences to more traditional object-oriented programming languages.

What's next for Digna

Henry and I are roommates, so we're probably going to have a lot of fun fully fleshing it out to a suitably small size game. It's kind of a demo in its current state

Built With

  • game-maker-studio-2-(gml)
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