I wanted to enable various cultural organizations transition online easily. Scan and move their assets and establish digital presence. Also virtually host and organize events.

This tool enables various cultural institutions like museums, art galleries, libraries etc go digital. All of the assets can be scanned using 3D scanners and easily uploaded to this website using the admin panel. Each organization will have separate listing page (with detailed description, location, artifact listing, 3D walkthrough etc)

Digitze art and sculptures using 3D models. Offer virtual walkthrough of museums, art galleries, libraries etc. Conduct online events and increase engagement!

What it does

  • Musuem/Gallery listing page
  • Admin panel
  • Virtual walkthroughs of various locations inside the building
  • Explore various museums and galleries at once
  • 3D virtual reality rendering of scanned items.
  • View and join upcoming events

How I built it

This website is built using the following technologies

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Postgres
  • Google javascript Maps API
  • Sketchfab for 3D rendering and assets
  • Capistrano for automated deploys

AWS resources used

  • EC2 for server
  • S3 for image uploads and storage
  • RDS for postgres database


  • Easily add new museums/art galliers/ other physical spaces - Separate admin panel with restricted access for each organization
  • Upload 3D/VR resources from various sources
  • Explore through various museums at one go
  • Create events for various organizations and join upcoming events
  • Full fledged admin panel
  • Gallery/Museum listing page with Google maps location, description, artifactions, walkthrough etc
  • 3D artifacts/ walkthroughs with annotation

Challenges I ran into

  • Creating and rendering of 3D assets was difficult. But finally achieved it with a combination of sketchfab and Marzipano

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • New organizations can be onboarded in a matter of minutes. Complete control over data

What's next for Digitizr - Tool to help museums, art galleries etc go online

  • I want to improve the UI and give fine grained control to the organizations on board
  • Custom domain name for each organization (gallery/museum etc)
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