We believe that parties can be performed digitally, wherever you are.

DigitalParty is a live-streaming party app that lets you connect with the people you meet at a virtual party. People can dance to their favorite tunes with people from all over the world and chat with the people they fancy to stay connected, digitally.

With DigitalParty, now it’s possible to not only watch a livestream, but also to be a part of it as well. DigitalParty enables users to start and join “parties”. Whenever a user joins a party, his/her screen splits into 4 sections. They see themselves on the screen along with a random pair of people in the party and the host(DJ) of the party. Those random two people on the screen change every 25 seconds, so that users can meet and dance with new people at the party.

In a nutshell, DigitalParty simulates a real party experience on a mobile device.

Experts say that nightclubs and music venues will remain closed until January, so we would like to help support artists, DJs and producers during these tough times. For this reason, we will be implementing a donation system in the app for those who lost their jobs and can’t make money by streaming on Instagram.

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