DIGITALMART Is born out of the desire to make life more easier for the crypto users and facilitate the adoption of the blockchain ecosystem and to also solve the most pertinent problem that is generally recognisable, which is centralization. Thus getting motivated by how the centralized online shopping sites, such as amazon, alibaba is thriving, and the number of growing crypto users who have to go through the stress of converting their cryptocurrencies to fiat before they can make purchases, we sort to bridge these gap.

What it does

DigitalMart is a decentralised marketplace which will provide users the ability to make purchases of whatever products of their needs, and also provide merchants a marketplace to market their products, it will be like the traditional Amazon, Alibaba etc ecommerce sites, but here it will be decentralised were users will be able to utilise their crypto right in their wallet without having to convert to fiat or any local medium of exchange. We intend to implement other decentralized medium of payments subsequently as we keep building. We are going to be unique because these will be a decentralised marketplace were you will make use of digital assets for purchases and also keep track of your products onchain, with our tracking system which will be decentralized, without having to worry about wrong package deliveries, downtimes or fear of exorbitant delivery fees.

How we built it

We built in with Solidity, React, IPFS/NFT.Storage as a storing mechanism for the products and NFTs, QuickSwap for the direct conversion of any token to stable coins, because transactions will be completed in stable cryptocurrencies, Chainlink for the price feeds, AWS for authentication/Validation of the users.

Challenges we ran into

We are not having challenges as at now, probably if we run into that in the future, we will sort means to resolve it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have come a long way as a team, and firstly i am proud of the unity and cooperation of my team members.

What we learned

We are still learning and we will keep learning as we work on the scalability of our product

What's next for DIGITALMART

We keep building and onboard the first set our merchants and users once the beta of our product is ready.

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