Have you ever wanted to know how long something was, only to find out that you had no measuring tools nearby? Digital Distance solves the problem of

What it does

Measures distances between two points using the phone's accelerometer.

How we built it

Using opencv on a unbuntu virtual machine, we figured out a way to implement the leap motion and communicate data across two devices (phone to laptop) programatically. With dedication, hard work, and no sleep, anything was possible for us.

Challenges we ran into

Learning new libraries, like leap motion and kalman filter

Accomplishments that we're proud of

finished a working product in 36 hours

What we learned

Not everything works (even whene you try it 1000 times), and loking for different solutions is part of the problem solving technique

What's next for DigitalDistance

The current version is very messy in its design; the updated versions would need less wires and be completely portable.

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