In regards of Covid19 this virus we knew about just a few months ago. But it already provided many troubles and became a real distress to many people and governments. The bad thing is that we still do not have anything to overcome it like a vaccine or a potential treatment. Moreover existing processes of study and research in clinical trials take years and are really expensive. Also it relies on patient’s data which is often not trivial to receive. My teammates and I were thinking on how to simplify clinical trials and win in the battle as fast as possible. As a result we decided to build a platform that directly connects patients and investigators all around the world where the data is shared between any stakeholders immediately.

What it does

COVIDblock aggregates health data from patients and keeps it privately. Any investigator can access these data in anonymised mode, apply specific criteria to choose relevant data and use it for their own research. Potentially can be used for AI. Potentially investigators can anonymously contact a specific patient to provide extra details or attend in clinical trials. With the patient's consent the investigator can receive extra data and proceed with the research

How we have built it

We have built a prototype with a simple Web client and REST-API backend. As a specific of this project all the data is stored on blockchain. Blockchain technology is mandatory for this project since it allows immediate access to the data and guaranty consensus and transparency between any participants

Challenges we ran into and what we learned from it

Remote collaboration is a quite specific task especially when participants located in completely different regions (6-12 hours time difference) like US <-> Ukraine <-> Hong Kong. But finally we elaborated in it.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are currently proud to present you our prototype for the future MVP, taking into account a short period allocated for the hackathon.

What's next for COVIDblock

Our long term plan to complete the MVP and cooperate with organizations that process clinical trials to allow users participate in various researches, clinical trials. As for a short term plan we will develop a mobile client to store any sensitive patients data directly on his own device.

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