At first I was working on a totally different project, an app which enables you to print your lists on remote printers. About Three weeks ago, i went to a restaurant to eat something and the owner was very busy as she had to fire her waiter because of the corona virus and therefor she had to do everything by her self, then she told me "if only i had someone to take orders, it would be much easier".

What it does

Digital waiter is a restaurant management system for restaurants and bars, it allows customers to place orders from their tables using the Amazon Alexa which automatically gets sent to the kitchen/bar without the need for a waiter.

It is web based and therefor runs on all devices and also gives store owners real time data on orders and earnings while freeing up waiters to provide better customer service to customers.

How I built it

The Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)

Challenges I ran into

With fulltime job and 2 children, there is no much time left to work on the project, so the main challenge was to present the idea with the maximum features possible.

What I learned

I have learned a lot going through the documentation, tutorial and webinars provided by, not only about their platform, SDK's and API's but also about other development technologies and frameworks like React for instance which i never used before.

But the main thing i have learned is that the most important thing for developers like me is to find a great idea, and then find the right platform like to do the heavy lifting for you.

I would have never started a project like this without coming across this hackathon.

What's next for Digital Waiter

+Redesign the quick order view and adding some features to it.

+Kitchen-View which would allow the kitchen stuff to view waiting orders, view old orders and change orders status.

+Cashier-View which would allow to view, settle and cancel orders, view realtime reporting and history reports and print bills.

+Reservation-view which would allow to book and manage tables.

+Product -Stock-View which would allow to manage stock.

+Stuff-Planning-View which would help to mange stuff and generate payrolls.

+Hooking everything together.

+Adding some other features on the Alexa skill like the possibility for customer to request a waiter or the bill.

+Add support for Alexa devices with screen like the echo-show.

+An easier way to link an Alexa device using integrations.

+Development of an iOS app.

About the Alexa skill

The Alexa skill is still in beta mode and therefor is not publicly available, if you want to give it a try then send me your email address and i will send you an a link to the beta version.

Normally, to lunch the skill you need to say the wake world 'Alexa' followed by 'open Digital Waiter', and that would be complicated for some customer, an easier way is to use a smart home button to trigger the skill.

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