Inspiration - The problem

In this uncertain times, Trust is a very powerful tool. Digital users still face many challenges when validating their identity online. We have to share more data than is actually needed, often having to present paper documentation in order to complete a registration and we do it multiple times, creating silos of identities with every provider that we use.

What it does - The solution

We thought that this process should evolve as technology evolves, and respond for the current situation. We have designed and implemented a protocol that would allow customers to use their already verified identities (e.g with their bank, utility provider, etc.) to share data securely with 3rd parties.

How we built it - What we did during the weekend

To demonstrate the protocol and a particular use case for the challenge presented in the Hackathon and the current Covid-19 situation, we have produced a sample job matching website using the already developed SDKs, and connected with a Sandbox that runs an ID Verification Provider implementing our specifications.

When running the demo, use the following credentials for login: MB28itf6a2p / Minibank01!

Demo will reset every minute so that you could run it multiple times and complete E2E again.

Challenges we ran into

Since no one organisation can solve this problem alone, we though about open sourcing the specs and the code that works for us as a bank, which could be easily extrapolated and reused by many other trusted public and private organisations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are currently engaging with many other institutions, including governments, banks, standardisation bodies and open source communities, vendors and partner as potential customers.

Our work is available for anyone to see in a public Github repo here. We are also planning to make public the source code and rest of assets.

We are excited about having the opportunity to present the idea to European Commission, we also believe that in this uncertainty times, trust is more important than ever, so we hope we could bring a good idea that many others could embrace and put into practice very quickly.

What we learned

When a complex problem seems obvious it needs a resolution, the best approach is to embrace and open mindset and engage with the community to come with the best solution. That is as opposed of trying to build something by your own, looking only for the fastest way to obtain revenue and a establish a dominant position in the market.

What's next for Digital Trust Hub

Share the solutions and assets with headhunters, job search companies who wish to have verified applicants to put forward for roles.

We keep our efforts engaging a wider community and keep getting support. We planned a hackathon on the subject which was cancelled due to Covid-19. We hope to announce an online event instead soon. We will also be presenting the idea in a webinar hosted by the IIF (institute of International Finance), which is open for anyone to join here .

Link to Pitch Video

You can find the pitch video here:

Link to Demo Video

You can find the demo video here:

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