About Digital Starling

Digital Starling is a for-profit, for-purpose company that brings together female-led founder teams with specialised digital assistants from under-represented communities and provide AI enabled platform to upskill them. It aims to match Entrepreneurs with Freelancers with AI powered platform

Our challenge

To build an AI model that can take factors like skillset, expertise level and rates into consideration and build an accurate tool that meets the above need.

How we did it?

Built Database - Scrapped 34 data points from upwork.com in the area of Data Analytics and IT Governance.
Prepared the Data - Cleaned the data with focus on factors like skills, hourly rate, and level of expertise.
Set Up a Model - Scripted an algorithm model, using cosine similarity.
Trained/Tested the Model - Input dummy entrepreneurs looking for freelancers with certain skills and level of expertise.
Deployed code/UI(user interface) using streamlitapp - Deployed the code onto local host and built a UI interface using streamlit app.
Checked Performance - Able to find the needed freelancers, hurray improved accuracy!

We made it!

We generated an accurate tool with help of AI model that helps match the needs of entrepreneurs to that of the skilled genuine freelancers

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