At Dulles High School, we have all participated in many vastly different clubs, from Red Cross to Computer Science; but all these clubs have one common fault. They all lack a system of structure AND organization. Every club cannot maintain order, schedule meetings, record attendance—the problems go on and on. For these problems many “solutions” have been attempted, such as recording attendance in google forms or writing names in excel documents; but none of these “solutions” work, as they are too complicated or clumsy. In the end all of these “solutions” were scrapped and, being officers in different clubs, this got our group thinking. Why were these solutions failing, what was causing them to be rejected by the students? These solutions were too complicated for the average student, too broad, or required too much work to perform functions. This gave us inspiration to create a club management software that was simple to use, could be applied to a vast majority of clubs, and had a significant amount of features accessible in one place. This was birth to the Digital Square Program. 
Our target users are clubs and organizations in middle and high schools. Digital Square is designed to be used by all ages as it doesn’t require significant computer skills. This allows all students to use this software. Digital Square is also open sourced and free to edit, allowing it to be used in many different clubs regardless of the circumstances. This will allow the program to be used in many schools and classrooms. Digital Square also allows the creation of events and meetings, with an alert system utilizing email, text, and/or Facebook. Essentially this allows all students to be informed with ease and a click of a button; no more chain emails or hunting down students. Lastly Digital Square interfaces with a data base, which allows a teacher or leader to view a student’s profile. With these features and many more user-friendly functions, this app will allows greater structure and order in clubs in middle and high schools.  
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