Inspiration: Since the lockdown started, people have been forced to stay at home, we have often asked ourselves, what is the thing we miss most right now? With technology we can communicate with anyone, but we still miss being able to go out, meet people in a bar, take a tour of the shops, see an exhibition or follow a live lesson. We have been inspired by intelligent city projects where everything is connected, problems are solved by artificial intelligence and people have more time to live their work and passions with greater safety and efficiency to conceive DIGITAL SMART CITY.

What it does: It is possible to live your own city despite the isolation caused by COVID-19, keeping the social habits that people were used to: meeting friends in a cafe or meeting new people as it would have happened in reality. You can take a course in the gym with your instructor, visit your favorite museum, go shopping and much more.

How we built it: We started our project by studying people's habits and needs and how they changed due to the emergency and what social and psychological hardships arose due to isolation. We used the current graphic trends of flat-design and middle-flat to give the city a relaxing and pleasant aspect. Current video communication technologies are integrated in this system to allow people to see each other, talk and carry out their daily activities together (cafe, shopping, exhibitions, work, education, etc. etc.) as happened before the emergency, all these possibilities must be available on a platform that offers the user the best user experience possible.

Technology used: This is a hybrid web-app which can be made in PHP, JS & The administration panel can be created using the Angular JS framework and Bootstrap. For the database we use Google Firebase together with AngularFire. To visit the cities we use the bees of Google maps (or OpenStreetMaps), for the virtual visits in the buildings we use the Google tour creator.

Challenges we met: When talking about our project is difficult not to associate it with a videogame or a social network, but we have tried to make sure that our project is an extension of reality for those who do not have the opportunity to visit a city or to share daily experiences with your friends. This platform is not the ambition to replace real life, but to make it available in a different way.

Realizations we are proud of: We are proud of the synergy of ideas that emerged during the realization of this project, of how we managed to collect people's experiences, their needs and also their discomfort to build solutions that improve their lives. Our challenge is to give people back their daily experiences and get them out of social isolation.

What we learned: We learned to work in a team, to support us to develop a solution to the problem of social cohesion. During this process we shared our skills: graphic, social and technological, actively interacting with mentors and experts to continuously improve our idea.

What are the prospects for DIGITAL SMART CITY: DESC allows you to maintain social relationships and live your city in a different and immediate way. When the COVID emergency is over, DESC will allow people to visit new cities immediately, share culture and expertise remotely, discover new attractions, follow events wherever they are.

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