We belong to EX-FATA a backward area of Pakistan. There is no facility of basic health. People travel to far flung cities to avail these facilities. Which costs so much time and financial and other difficulties? It motivated me to resolve these problems. Having experience in medical as well as information technology, I thought to solve this problem smartly or digitally. and there is need of healthcare in the urban areas due to the current lockdown due to corona. so people want telemedicine.

What it does

Patient Take charge of your healthcare with our patient solutions. View your personal health records, prescriptions and lab results. Connect with your health team via telemedicine, find new healthcare providers, find nearest labs & pharmacy , hospital ,home care , ambulance and much more

How we built it

we are working on app based application for android and IOS devices along with web based software for online doctor patient connectivity, and consultation.

Challenges we ran into

we have financial and tech team problems, market competition, digital literacy and awareness in stakeholders

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are in incubation in NEP NIC KUST center spending 4 months tenure. we worked on 40 percent milestone assigned to us.

What we learned

we learned about critical thinking, design thinking, and they connected us to mentors related to tech health. and we have gotten new ideas related to our start-up.

What's next for DIGITAL SEHAT GHAR

to launch app in the coming trimester, and open 10 tele-centers in the remote areas, and get fund from both governmental and non governmental organizations and other donors,

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