My lens “Digital Renaissance” is fully dedicated to recreation of fancy mood of vintage and antique epochs in fashion looks.

I’ve created three different appearances in order to allow users feel immersed in past of fine arts and to give them a possibility of being beautiful, strange and surrealistic at the same moment.

What it does

In the first ”Birdcage” look you can try the unusual phantasmagoric dress that consists of the old birdcage which looks as a crinoline. Under this gold cage there is a fluent gentle dress with the illustration of the birds from the old botanical codex from Holland. As a top I’ve created the Ohrmuschel sculpture that was a very popular theme in rococo era.

The next one is the “Chandelier” look, where the user can grow together with luxurious splendid lamp which slowly swings and shines with the light of mysterious candles.

And the last one “Fan” look is very tender one with the white air skirt that reminds the collars from Rembrandt paintings. There are two surrealistic hands that fanning a person with the help of two magnificent vintage fans.

How we built it

For realization of my concept I have used the body tracking feature for connecting 3d objects to human body. For creating smooth movements of the dress and the skirt I have added the Cloth simulation stack. Then I’ve attached some post effects like Zoom blur and VFX sparkles effect, which I modified a little bit in order to make it in the same color palette. And I’ve added the bokeh VFX effect. I have made all my 3D assets in Blender.

Challenges we ran into

  • I wanted to achieve the concept goal how to connect all the art items in the complete consistent fashion looks.
  • Also I need to find the decision how to mix solid and soft parts of the garments to make them more realistic and various.
  • I have a big technical challenge how to place all the huge sum of highly detailed 3D objects to the Lens limit of 8mb.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I’ve created incredible and exciting wearable digital garments with lots of details from different epochs that can inspire other people to explore the history of fine arts, to know something new about past, to feel in more interesting and unusual way.

What we learned

Lens Studio body tracking, cloth simulation, VFX

Built With

  • lens
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