• Call enters router “Digital Rabbit Hole” with 9 rotating and counter-rotating increasingly linear layers of base-10 numbers with each layer of base-10 numbers traveling at incrementally slower speeds

• With each manually or automated input of a telephone number / digit, timing and opening and closing of window locations determine what sub-routers (0-9) a telephone call takes. Routers corresponding to each base-10 digit are infinitely stackable

• All digits and traffic to sub-routers are routed along an exponentially expanding and alternating x-y-z axis

• Asymmetrical or symmetrical timing between each digital input is detected and measured determining if a call is being made by a human or a machine

• Average symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns are detected and measured

• Other biometric information (such as 1-9 average input pressures) can be detected and recorded as technology improves

• “Digital Rabbit Hole” records and tracks additional information such as time of call, IP address of requesting source, phone number, name of company / individual etc., with a dynamically compiled profile sent to a database

• Compiled asymmetrical or symmetrical signatures of computers or humans making unauthorized robocalls are blocked

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