As avid users of the Omaha Farmer's Market, we realized that there was opportunity for growth in the digital realm. Additionally, we realized that the Farmer's Market only happens once a week at a location, which means that some people are entirely dependent on one day for their produce. We thought that they should be able to do their shopping and support their local farmers no matter the day of the week. Hence, the creation of an online farmer's market.

What it does

Shows the user a list of products in their area sold by local farmers.

How we built it

Used a Flask back-end with SQLAlchemy for our database. For the frontend we used ReactJS. We primarily built the site based around the landing page utilizing React components.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had worked with React or Flask before. Many UI features we wanted to include were difficult to implement, such as a search bar and transactions, On the back-end,we switched databases from MongoDB to SQLAlchemy in order to find a database that was easier to work with and manage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The back-end has a full suite of api endpoints. On the frontend, we have a landing page that is somewhat functional. Additionally our inspiration was true and pure.

What we learned

React is way more complicated than we wish it was. Flask back-ends are surprisingly nice and simple to deal with.

What's next for Digital Harvest

A mobile app for farmers to better manage their inventories without being at a desktop or laptop. Additionally, this allows for users to shop on the go.

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