The Software takes or captures snapshots of the computer desktop without any signs, unnoticed and saves it on cloud and create a local folder on any available drives on your Hard Drive. It can run offline or online. Runs on background and monitor any activities on PCs . It can be access on local folder and cloud folder by a Guardian or Parent. These is our solution for Companies , BPOs, Work from Home and Online Students to avoid unrelated activities.

How we built it

We gather and surveyed peoples and analysed problems occurring through the Work from Home and company issues. We gathered on brainstorming sessions and coded it on a phase by phase basis , trial and error , APIs , and Beta testing phase.

Challenges we ran into

Biggest challenges is that we have to do it on an online sessions as it was the time of Pandemic and Lockdown on our areas. We have to re schedule multiple time and secure permits before we landed into face to face meetings. Coding and building an app with the team makes it different as teammates are far located on each other an we have to consider internet status and reliabilities on each of our locations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Weve gone far and built the app even we are outmost far on each team members. We are Proud that we break barriers, that working on our areas even on this Pandemic does not hinder us accomplished and finish what we have started.

What we learned

We learned a lot , specially on developing the app as we have limited resources, we have to study more, rub elbows , burned eyelashes , stay up on nights, and it payed up. Besides learning more about building an App, The best thing we've learned is to hold on to each team members , trust , and rally each other finishing what we've started.

What's next for Digital Guardian'

We are continuously evolving the app, and making it better.

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