About a year ago, I had a full-time job and I was a part-time student and I belonged to a funny start-up. My sleeping schedule was a mess but my productivity was off the chart. I was making time for all my activities.

🗿 I wasn't consciously deciding to be productive, I just had to be.

I can't seem to remember a more productive time in my life. I tried to recreate that experience on my own but I wasn't completely successful. What I noticed was missing is that I wasn't surrounded by awesome people, crystal clear goals, and tons of deadlines.

What it does

Digital Friend helps creative students find an accountability partner to accomplish a short-term goal.

How I built it

Figma, Webflow, Typeform, Google Spreadsheet, Airtable.

Challenges I ran into

Time management. Lack of structure.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I like how I design the "prototype" and other good looking things about the project.

What I learned

I need to work for an expert first to have a better experience leading a team. I learned that I wasn't ready for it and that took a toll on me.

What's next for Digital Friend

More tests in different universities and figure out the way to automate the sign-up and matching process.

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