Project Description

We will create a canvas consisting of a grid of RGB LEDs that the user can manipulate through several input mechanisms, which effectively will allow for LED drawings to be created and uploaded to the cloud. The board will contain a “cursor” in the form of a blinking LED that represents where the user can currently paint. We will connect an accelerometer to the board that will be used to move the cursor upon receiving external stimulus in the form of rotations and physical movements. A button on the canvas will enable the cursor to paint or erase the LED in its current location (depending on its on/off state) such that the LED will retain its new state when the cursor leaves its location. The user can further interact with the drawing by altering the paint color, which can be done by covering or uncovering three light sensors. Each light sensor will map to the intensity of the red, green, or blue value of the cursor.

Finally, when the user is satisfied with their drawing they can press another button which will upload their drawing to thingspeak.

Team Roles

Alexander Lenz:

-Sending data to server (IoT) and modifying colors in LED grid

-Setting up grid of LEDs

Daniel Like:

-Storing representation of grid, taking in sensor input

-Setting up sensors

Parts Needed:

-Light Sensors x 3

-RGB LEDS x 144

-Accelerometer x 1

-Larger/modified breadboard that allows for many LEDs in a closely-packed grid

-Button x 2

Built With

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