I've personally wanted to build exactly this for around 6 months, we were at a loss for project ideas and decided it was something we'd both use daily if it was displayed on a mounted monitor in our rooms. Loosly inspired by the dashboards seen in Tron and other films.

What it does

Pulls in current weather data, stock market information, tasks via trello, email and cal events via google, and headlines via the new york times and displays them.

How we built it

We're using rails on the backend and spaghetti javascript on the frontend to pull everything together.

Challenges we ran into

General API issues, graphing library woes, reliably pulling stock market data intraday without spending thousands of dollars, frontend bugs, stock market is flat in after hours (weekend, aka now) so the graph will display flat until trading opens tomorrow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully functional prototype done, all data is live and real, learned a good deal :)

What's next for Digital Dash

We're planning on cleaning up the code, making it responsive, making it flexible enough for new users to use it without having to modify any of the code, and implementing live streaming/server side events so that we don't rely on the frontend refreshing.

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