Wifi or bluetooth sensor based event triggering system is common but it is not useful all the time especially when same wifi network name is used around entire campus or area. In order to trigger events based on specific location GPS coordinates is the best way to achieve more accurate triggering system.

What it does

It is a prototype application which allows user to add a task and assign a date or day of week on which you want to trigger the task and also assign GPS location and proximity to it.

How we built it

We developed android mobile application for creating task acting as frontend, developed web service which is hosted in AWS EC2 and used AWS RDS for DB like storing user information and task information.

Challenges we ran into

To integrate android application with our developed web service. To show and use google maps in the android application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proximity distance is calculated between user current location and task's assigned location so that the triggering mechanism works.

What we learned

A better way of triggering actions based GPS coordinates.

What's next for Digital Assistant

Can be used to trigger any actions like opening application, sending messages, reminder, changing mobile settings (volume), etc

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