Tracking of assets and delivering goods on time and in perfect condition is the main goal in logistics sector. Smart application facilitate with realtime tracking, route optimization, improved last mile delivery.

What it does

Digital Asset Tracking System • Real time tracking of assets including raw materials, fleet of trucks, containers, final products etc. enables business to be well informed about equipment status and performance of the productivity. It will improve throughput with greater efficiency and lower costs with tracker and prevent quality issues, maintain inventory levels, optimize logistics, detect theft and also productivity. • Realtimetracking of assets application could resolve above issues using components like sensors, GPS enabled RFID tag, card reader for manpower. • Incentivize the installation of GPS and impact sensors in the assets which cannot be tampered. This will inform the respective authorities as soon as someone tries to remove those from the asset or whenever the asset has an impact above certain level. • Communication between tagged objects and GPS, RFID, wireless and mobile networks to ascertain and communicate current position and status. • Data sent to servers on a regular basis, or when the object moves or upon request. • Tracking information can be accessed from anywhere over the internet and displayed on PCs or handheld devices showing location and status of objects on maps, lists or indoor plans.

How we built it

Using Work in progress Manager, Efficiency Analyzer APIs, EPI API to fetch work-order, work-center, products , operation details Predix UI for Dashboards Micro-services

Challenges we ran into

Collaborate information from various GE Manufacturing APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Provide 360 degree to floor managers for providing complete work order view and products in-transit view

What we learned

Deep insight on fine tuning the manufacturing / Logistics process

What's next for Digital Asset Tracking System

Detailed view on In-transit products between workcenters

Built With

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