The world is talking about "Metaverse" an immersive digital universe in virtual reality. Here anyone can become "anyone" with the digital 3D avatar. But right now the metaverse is in at infant stage. All the major Metaverse platforms such as "New Horizon" from META and 3D crypto web platforms such as Decentraland works in low polygon 3D model. In these worlds, the animations look similar to early 2000!. The key component of the metaverse is purchasing digital goods and hyper-realistic high-fidelity 3D animations. So we worked on the integration of Rapyd checkout platform on a cloud streamed unreal engine desktop game powered by a custom build 3D avatar from the "METAHUMAN" platform from Epic Games. The game can be accessed by VR box since we deployed it using the Google VR plugin. So cheap VR boxes can be supported for wide-scale adoption with VR controllers.

What it does

Gamers can purchase digital goods using Rapyd checkout page

How we built it

  1. Rapyd API checkout page creation was done on the main HTML script on unreal engine cloud streamed web app. We bought a domain from AWS Route 53( for almost $13 for deployment.

  2. We used the Unreal Engine AWS EC2 instance from Epic Games.

  3. The app was deployed on the NICE DCV server for lightning-fast streaming. We first used a load balancer for http-https conversion, which helps to stream on our custom domain.

  4. When users purchase digital goods such as coins it gets updated on the game, this is done by storing the checkout page id along with success/failure as a boolean on DynamoDB database from AWS and accessed using the VaRest plugin from Unreal.

  5. We made a digital avatar using METAHUMAN from Epic Games. The avatar is our developer Nandakishor M.

  6. We attached the control Rig of the METAHUMAN to the third person blueprint in Unreal Engine.

  7. We imported the "Modular City" map from the Epic Games marketplace and imported it into the game editor.

  8. Added coins, sphere collision, and coin counter with Rest API support.

  9. We made a lambda function, which works as the REST API for the coin counter. The lambda will be triggered by the Dynamodb update events.

  10. The returned results will be JSON serialized and has several coins will be as a key-value element. Which will be updated in the game.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Integrating the metahuman to unreal engine 4 thrid person blueprint

  2. The coin counter with VaREST api.

  3. Load-balancer support for http-https conversion for domain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building the worlds high fidelify 3D game with cloud streaming support with Rapyd checkout support for purchasing digital goods such as coins, weapons or skins.

What we learned

Building Rapyd checkout experience with worlds best open-sourced game engine

What's next for Digital Asset Purchase with Rapyd and Unreal Engine

  1. Better login with customer support and multiplayer facility

  2. Adding more digital assets such as health, weapons, diamonds, etc.

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