What it does

Right now, it is just a location/map-based search tool for job, company, startup, event, and workspace listings in the San Francisco Bay area. Users can search for, and create new listings with images.

How I built it

Ruby on Rails with a Backbone.js front-end

Challenges I ran into

Some of the design decisions surrounding sorting the listings results. The listings are categorized (job, company, startup, event, workspace), and the user can decide to omit any one or more category from the results and choose the sorting order of the results. I ended up sorting on the front end in the views within a custom Backbone composite-view class, which recursively attaches subviews and sorts them based on a numerical attribute in the model and the position on the page that the user moved the category tile.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First rails app I've designed and built from scratch..

What I learned


What's next for digiSFere

I have basic user authentication, would like to add profiles, be able to tag, favorite, comment, and own listings. Eventually I would like to integrate 3rd party APIs to generate listings, and also provide a platform where users can blog about the tech industry in SF.

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