We initially set out to mitigate the circumstances of identity theft and improve general security and peace of mind, honing in on a very common but yet unsolved problem: credential theft during ATM transactions. Thus was born DigiSens, a Leap Motion-powered software security system which allows users to utilize discrete movements to authenticate their PIN during a deposit or withdrawal. We began by experimenting with the Leap Motion and quickly fell in love with its intuitive motion-mapping over conventional systems, such as buttons or joysticks. We initially planned to implement multi-factor authentication by including facial recognition; however, our computer webcams were too weak to process this data quickly and effectively. Nevertheless, we have developed a complete and robust product with a beautiful interface and intuitive controls. Plus, we have learned how to manage ourselves and our teammates to maximize, and even surpass, our individual potentials. DigiSens doesn't end at NU Wildhacks 2015; it is the proof that this technology does exist and can help, as well as a project with which we, the DigiSens team, can find a true passion for and may use to drive future learning.

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