Target audience

School pupils and college students


We have always been tired of carrying too much paper with us so the idea was to get rid of all the paper and uncountable handouts. So the idea was to create an app that can completely replace paper in a students life. But not only that, digital documents open so many possibilities that you don't even think of when working with physical paper. We decided to use OCR to get a digital version of the text of photos of your documents to be able to search and easily lookup information on the internet. Of course it's impossible to implement a full fledged version of this program within the limited time of a hackathon, but we have lots of more ideas on how this app can help students in their daily life. This includes automatically generating lecture notes from recordings, being able to highlight text in your material in a textmarker-like experience and autogenerating a summary for studying. Lastly if you want to add a little cheating you could even autolookup answers for questions from a photographed question sheet.

Key Features

Disclaimer: not all features are functionally implemented

  • Organize all your files in folders for each subject, no complicated hierarchial structures
  • Gather all sorts of different resources such as images, websites, pdfs, recordings, photos and many more
  • Take photos of handouts and book pages and automatically have them converted to digital text using state of the art OCR.
  • Easily look up keywords online with a single tap.
  • Sync your files to the cloud and have them available wherever you are.
  • Record and automatically convert lectures to notes using advanced speech recognition features.
  • Automatically generate summaries marking words in your material.

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