License: MIT

This is a small ENS (ethereum Name system) name resolver that redirects to an ipfs Gateway. Works with all browsers.

It should help start adoption of ENS until all major Browsers are aware of ENS/IPFS natively.

Test it now:

We've deployed this project to liquidmode.com. So if you want to visit e.g. www.digioptions.eth you can now use www.digioptions.liquidmode.com.

Again, this should work in all Browsers.


Just clone this repository. Add your infura project id to 'js/client.js'.

Now run

npm install

npm run build

You will find the result as 'dist/index.html'


It is important to deploy this to script to a wildcard subdomain and serve 'dist/index.html' for all URL paths!

Do not forget to register your domain as "whitelist origin" in infura's project setting. This hast to be (of course) a wildcard like '*.example.com'.

Additional information

This service makes use of Infura's Ethereum RPC provider https://mainnet.infura.io as well as Infura's IPFS gateway at https://ipfs.infura.io/ipfs/. Both may be set/changed in the source code.

This project makes use of ENS contenthash name resolution EIP-1577.

Public repository


Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright Ulf Bartel. Code is licensed under the MIT license.

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