I was inspired by the Black Lives Matter Protests and how unorganized they seemed to be on social media. I decided to try to make a website to help spread the information.

What it does

This website allows users to post information on events which will then be saved on a server and featured on the front page. Users can then click sort or search for events and click on the unique links for each one to see who is going, where it is. Users can then use the copy link feature to share the information on multiple platforms.

How I built it

I started making this website by making a simple framework with the header file and an index to create a visually pleasing display. I then created a SQL database. From there I made a webpage designed to submit information to the database. The index was then linked to the database to display the information from the database. I also created tabs on the side to sort the posts. I then created a webpage and a contact database to allow users to contact me. I then started making the unique webpages based on the ID's for each post. I was able to create a webpage that displayed the information and used my Javascript progams to copy and share the link for each post. Finally, I added a search bar to allow users to search easier.

Challenges I ran into

One of my major challenges was getting everything into pacific standard time, I spent an hour on this problem before realizing that the SQL database provides the time in the 24 hour format.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I know it's not the most impressive part of the website, but I had never used javascript before, and I am really proud of my copyURL program.

What I learned

I learn so much about general SQL and PHP programming, but I learned a lot more about Javascript, even if I couldn't use all of my new information.

What's next for Digination

I plan to make the amount attending feature work, create a login system that requires users to sign in before posting, a comment system, and learning how to use the google maps API to filter by distance.

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