Personal Immunization Records - small, yellow accordion cards. These important immunization tracking documentations are easily lost when families move, doctors retire and are frequently misplaced. Additionally, records are only kept in the clinics' databases for a certain number of years - if this card was your only documentation of your vaccines, what will you do?

While there is an app that allows you to save a picture and manually input your records, wouldn't it be easier for YOU to read and save, if you ONLY had to take the picture and have the app sort the data into a nice table for you? Introducing Digimmune, the user-friendly digital vaccine tracker!

What it does

In simple terms, Digimmune allows anyone to keep a digital copy of their personal immunization records by taking a picture of the card. The Google Cloud Vision API then arranges the data into an easy-to-read table, which can be sorted by the vaccine name, expiry date (if applicable) and the vaccination date. No more lost cards and panicked parents!

How we built it

Utilizing the Google Cloud Vision API, we were able to parse through data on personal immunization record cards and sort that data into a table. We then created an interactive website with the django framework, python, HTML, CSS & JS.

Challenges we ran into

Once we assigned tasks to each person, the first thing we had to do was watch/read tutorials for django, web design and optical character recognition (OCR). We were all unfamiliar with the tools we needed to achieve our end goal and ran into numerous roadblocks while experimenting. However, we were able to overcome these obstacles by persevering and helping one another!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Woohoo we got this in before noon!

What we learned

Echoing the notes from the 'Challenges we ran into,' we learned new languages and skills and most of all, how everything worked systematically and with one another (parsing json & returning an object + django + HTML, CSS & JS)

What's next for Digimunne

While we created a website designed for a desktop platform, the next step is to move to mobile devices, as shown by the above wireframes! Mobile will create an elevated user experience as hand gestures allow for simpler navigation, for this particular application

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