In today's society, our generation is addicted to the extensive network that is available right from our phones. Social media and mobile technology has become an important part of life in terms of connecting with friends, keeping up with the latest news and trends, posting updates about your own life, and so much more. Although there are many benefits to social media, the constant attachment to these platforms have caused a spike in mental health issues around the globe.

What it does

DigiMind is a Chrome extension that can be utilized to remind social media users to stay mindful and not let online activity contribute to anxiety and depression. By adding the plug-in to Chrome, users can get pop-up quotes that are inspiring and informative when using sites like Twitter by clicking the button at the top of their screen, so that they don't spiral into the negative effects of constant social media usage.

How we built it

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Challenges we ran into

  1. Getting the pop-up to render correctly in terms of dimensions and placement on the page
  2. Injecting an HTML element through JavaScript onto an external webpage

What's next for DigiMind

Our original concept for this Chrome extension was a lot more interactive in terms of its assistance with social media users and their interactions online. Our implementation currently serves as a helpful reminder to stay mindful when using social media. In the future, we hope to expand the capabilities of this plug-in so that it can directly send you messages/pop-ups based on the end-users interactions and activity on social media platforms. In addition to combatting mental health issues, we also hope to decrease the amount of cyberbullying via social media.

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