During this pandemic online learning has become effective and safe mode of learning. Adding up virtual reality to online learning helps us to experience the real time learning ,VR in education is a unique way of learning and experiencing the topics

What it does

VR in education helps tough subjects and topics to learn in easy and effective way

How we built it

The main idea of our project is that choosing a tough topic where students face issue in understanding and creating a VR model of that particular subject so that students not only listen that lesson but also enjoy the topic and understand the subject very easily

Challenges we ran into

Adaptability of online classes is difficult. but through virtual reality it's makes is easy and fun to learn

Accomplishments that we're proud of

learning and understanding the importance of artificial intelligence through robotics project

What we learned

helps student retain that they have learned by transforming their learning experience

What's next for digihitam

virtual learning and understanding the subject

Built With

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