There is always a mental frustration attached to losing something, especially if a building or area doesn't have a dedicated Lost and Found facility. Often times, a lost item is unrecoverable and lost forever, but with correct implementation of a certain program, this problem can have an incredibly practical and innovative solution.

What it does

DigiFind is a community bulletin board that displays previously lost items, that are now found and await their return to their original owner. The bulletin board is a display TV, powered by a Raspberry Pi 3, that broadcasts a variety of information along with the lost items (weather, local news, etc.).

How we built it

DigiFind is hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3, which acts as a local network so that users can upload item images to the web server. Our team built the majority of this program with node.js. //expand on this

Challenges we ran into

One challenge that we ran into was configuring the Raspberry Pi as an access point to host a local network and assign IP address to the connected users. We did this with no internet access on the Raspberry Pi, so therefore we had no package resource updates available to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a new team with no prior experience together, we are proud to say we completed the project we set out to do. We had team members with varying levels of hackathon experience (including one of us with no prior hacking experience), so it was incredible to see us come together to create something of our own. We overcame difficult challenges including fatigue, frustration, and more. //rewrite?

What we learned

On the technical side of things, we learned a lot about networking and JavaScript. Ultimately, we learned the power of working together and going far together. We divided tasks amongst ourselves at different points in the UTD hackathon, maximizing the possibility of getting work done.

What's next for DigiFind

DigiFind is something we are incredibly proud of, not just because of it's final version, but also the possibilities it holds. DigiFind has potential to be implemented across many different industries and applications, including a community traffic updater, a real-time photo display at certain corporate events and get-togethers, and many more. The idea behind DigiFind will continue to grow in our minds and will most definitely be put to use in future projects, ideas, business ventures, and more.

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