A $30 camera with the right software can be far better than current security system solutions. Security systems ignore smaller, but very important details. Examples include alerting an owner when a package has arrived and when the package has been stolen or when that the owner's kids have safely made it home from school. Letting an owner know what is happening in real time is far more important than just sending a video feed.

What it does

Digiface hooks into any IP camera to give you customized alerts using our facial recognition and object recognition software. We used Clarifai's API to detect packages and see if they were delivered or stolen. A custom OpenFace neural net gives us the perfect facial recognition algorithm for detecting who is at your door. Lastly, Twilio provides us programmable SMS/MMS to alert our users to exactly what is going on at their doorstep.

Challenges we ran into

  • We had to create a complex distributed system to handle the image processing. Creating ways of sharing state and sending images over network connections proved difficult.
  • XCode hates us
  • Apple Developer Server Down

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We could not have imagined we could actually finish a system this daunting in the small amount of time given.

What's next for Digiface

We are incorporating and seeking investments. We plan on releasing an API as well as our security system

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