Our team was inspired by the problems many people face during the pandemic, and how they need an easy and efficient way to get and track their medicine usage. One of my elder family members urgently needed medication, however, she could not go to her local pharmacy, in fear of the crowd and the spreading of Covid-19. We wanted to make it easier for people, whether at risk or not, to get in contact with their doctors, and help them remember to take their medication on time. It will also make it easier for doctors to track their patients’ daily intake of medicine. Overall, our app will change many lives for the better and will allow patients to adapt to this pandemic in a healthy manner.

What it does

Our app, DigiDoc, makes it easier for doctors to monitor their patients at home, so they can successfully track the daily intake of medicine for their patient. Additionally, each patient can connect with their doctor through a built-in chat system in the app. The doctors can also prescribe orders directly to the pharmacy for their patients at home, and the delivery can be monitored through the app. The content is also tracked through the work of a sensor in the medical cabinet; the patient takes out medications, and it sends the data back to doctors and nurses, who can virtually monitor their patient’s medicine intake.

This feature was created so they can successfully track the daily intake of medicine for their patients and even prevent/warn drug overdoses. Overall, DigiDoc makes receiving and consuming medication easier for patients and makes it easier for doctors to monitor their patients remotely throughout the duration of this quarantine.

How we built it

After we were set on an idea, we used to code with JavaScript and develop our app. We also added a few features to the app with coding knowledge we gained through the amazing programming languages workshops! For the hardware, we used hardware purely from Digikey’s website to create a model of our planned sensor system that would feed data (though a Bluetooth module) into the app.

Challenges we ran into

We did have a few challenges that we ran into along the way. First of all, we didn’t have a lot of time. If we did this in the future, we would definitely plan ahead further, and try to stay organized. We would have loved to include more interactive and fun things for you all to try out, however, we quickly became stressed because we needed to do the basics first. Finding a time to meet up was difficult at first, however, we set out a schedule a few hours ahead of time, so we could stay on top of our project. Finally, some of our members were not experienced with hackathons, so there was definitely some confusion on what to do, and how.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to complete this hackathon, first and foremost! It is an amazing accomplishment, to come up with an idea, plan the execution, and create a demo for an app to solve our problem. We are also proud that one of our members, Adamya Modi, has won first place in the Makey Make-off drawing competition. Congratulations!! :) The competition was very fun, and he enjoyed making the drawing!

What we learned

Through this Hackathon, we learned a lot about coding, especially since half of our group did not have any experience before. We also learned how to work as a team to develop a useful project that could make a change in the world.

What's next for DigiDoc

To take DigiDoc to the next level, we would like to contact local healthcare center, and patent our idea for it to be implemented. We could also develop this app and system in the future to make it more useful and beneficial to people with Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s. Lastly, we would love to implement and build the sensor system physically and test it out.

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