What it is

(what it's supposed to be):

short answer: A digital collaboration space

long answer: A digital collaboration space that utilizes the pomodoro technique to maximize productivity. Ideally, the schedule / timetable (see images 5-7 above) should be adapted to the user's selected room type and pomodoro choice (standard, mini, marathon). Each block of time gets dedicated to specific goals and an agenda determined by the host (or mods for larger sessions). So a typical virtual study session will look different from say a workout session, a music collaboration session, an interview session, or a pair programming session. Each session has its own set of goals shared among participants.

Sessions can be private or public, recurring or one-time only, specific or general (e.g. private study vs open study, private tutoring vs open course, a closed chorus sectional for Altos vs an open karaoke, a writer's corner for 5 ghostwriters in Toronto, Canada vs a writer's room for 15 content creators across the globe, a student in Russia learning English from a teacher in the UK vs a class of students joining from multiple countries learning Korean from a teacher in South Korea ... the possibilities are endless). Equipped with customized interactive features catered to each room type, you get a 24/7 flexible, internationally accessible virtual environment with multi-language support (English is the primary language by default, but it doesn't have to be) and a system that fosters productivity & accountability.

Members can earn badges for accomplished goals and completed sessions. But the greatest reward? Personal & collective achievements. Hitting milestones - passing an exam, getting in shape without being at the gym, applying for jobs, finishing a novel, recording a podcast, brainstorming the next viral app idea ... anyone can benefit if they have goals or projects to work on. This is the inception of DigiCollab.

How I built it

Built with Wix Corvid 👍

Corvid Features / APIs Used

wix-data, wix-window, wix-storage, wix-location, wix apps, repeater, lightbox, animation, layers, tbd

Project URL


It helps to use your imagination here... 🦄

Challenges I ran into

💻 ⌒*:・゚🐛🐛🐛··· patience, perseverance...

Corvid editor hiccups: freezing/lagging, performance speed, (auto)save issues:



lightbox delay:



Submitted something, albeit super late... stayed focused for a period of time

What I learned

Learned to make my first Wix site. Shout out to Corvid docs & forum for making it possible for newcomers to jump on board. Also learned the importance of prioritizing functionality over design...

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