It is very difficult to track alcohol consumption in at-home bars. The expensive wine always runs out when there is an unexpected guest. To top it, an average American overspends 3500usd a year on buying alcohol that they never drink or have no means to track the consumption of.

What it does

BarBuddy provides complete data on frequency, inventory, and financial analysis to bar owners, restaurant owners, and for casual home bars. It gives the user notification about offers, over expenditure and low inventory alerts to automatically add the preferred alcohol in their Wegmans/shopping cart.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

We were not able to get the RFID tags to gain real-time data to input into our Mobile application. It took a lot of time to understand how hardware corresponds to the mobile application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a fully responsive android application that was able to project charts and do a financial analysis on data inputs.

What I learned

Android Studio, RFID data tracking to find liquid level detection and Real time location

What's next for

AI Recommendation System to make a party recommendation, and

Built With

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