India is going to be digitized in upcoming years. For this government is trying to digitize its citizens. For this we have to store all the data of an individual to a particular database. For example, if the person has done any crime or not, his health record, his digital activity and all, but currently we do not have that system where from one unique ID we can show all the data which are required by a particular authority. For example, if police wants to check criminal record only that will open to him and so on.

So, we need one centralized system where this data can be stored securely.

We have created a platform for easy access and store all the record of a person in which government official can login and can get all the data of the required field of a person. We have a centralized database which will store all the data at one place it is highly secured and we have used some secured features like QR scan and highly secured PIN and Login which will be given to the official only at the time of their job allocation. Government Officials can login into it. We can watch all the related data and can update any of the information.

We have really learned a lot, this was our first hackathon and we made it. We learned how to handle a team, how a hackathon is conducted etc.

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