We waste food every week from groceries and not finishing them. 58% of food in Canada is wasted, most of that food can be saved, costing them $1000 per year on food.

What it does

Acts as a virtual fridge, where users log in food purchases, including physical qualities of the food, date purchased and storage methods, and it calculates the average time before perishing based on inputs. Gives them reminders of when food may soon go bad.

How we built it

Using react native framework on javascript

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with a feasible and creative idea given limited knowledge and time in the field Everything, hard to configure all the components in the app! First time for everything?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making an app.

What we learned

How to build apps, how to stay up 24 hours.

What's next for DiGi Fridge

Who knows?

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