Human trafficking is one of the worst human rights violations of our time. Current estimates of the number of victims affected range from 20 million to 48 million individuals worldwide. The large variance in estimates is due to the lack of global data and visibility surrounding the problem.

Though Google, Palantir, and Salesforce have teamed up to create data pipelines to fight human trafficking within the United States, there has been very little tech innovation to address the issue within developing countries, where most of the victims reside. Diganta has partnered with several organizations within India to pilot a new approach.

What Diganta Does

Though we are in the early stages of product development, Diganta's vision is broad. Our first product is client management software that will be deployed within NGOs that rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. As we continue to build our partnerships across different organizations, we hope to expand to other technology products that can connect data with anti-trafficking interventions.

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