We love making games and we love fighting games so we decided to make a fighting game.

What it does

A fully animated four player fighting game with X-Box controller support. The rounds are fast paced action that revolve around digging up graves to find items you can use to defeat your opponents. You never know what you might find in each grave! All it takes is one hit to instantly kill your opponents.

Controls: Keyboard: WASD movement (S to dig, W to jump) E to attack with an item

Controller: D-pad for movement A to jumping B to attack with an item X to dig

How we built it

We used a custom Java game engine that one of our team members has been developing over the past two years. It is written in Kotlin and utilizes OpenGL for rendering. The main logic of our game (physics, collisions, etc) is written in plain old Java.

Challenges we ran into

We got a late start, so we only had 24 hours instead of the full 36. We also only had 3 members for 14 of those hours (we had a member who left early) so we had a lot we needed to accomplish between the 3 of us. It was difficult to create so many animations in just 24 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While some of the animations may be rough around the edges, we are very proud with how they turned out. They look great already and with just a bit more refining could be awesome. For having only 24 hours, we're happy with how much we accomplished.

What's next for Dig It

If we do continue with the development, we hope to refine the animations and fix some of the wonky bugs we ran into but never got around to fixing.

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