Dig it down to get your help in critical situation.

Version 1.0

In medical emergency, if we can provide some pre-medical treatment then we can reduce the risks of life. But in a rural area, like Tamil Nadu, India, there is a lot of poor people who do not know what to do in this critical situations, like pregnancy problem, heart attack, accident, etc. Also people can not get the proper information about any instant medical treatment, like what to do when someone hand or leg is broken, sink into the water, fire burn, victims of acid crimes etc. Unfortunately there is not any service which will provide the guideline to overcome this problem. So we came up with an idea which will assist these people about the steps to be taken in this emergency situations.

Our application “Dig for Help”, lets you make a request to the “Dig for Help” Community. This makes it possible to get the necessary help in an emergency situation. Simply you just have to put a request using our app so that people in our community or other volunteer near to you can give some advice to overcome this situation or come for your help. People can use our application in emergency situation like medical emergency, accident etc. This application helps the volunteer to find out the location where the help needed most. Our app also gives the google map location where the help is needed.


  • User can ask for help to the community for any emergency situation.
  • Our app can help people to get the necessary information about the instant medical treatments.
  • People can ask the community about some medical tips using our app, like how to make saline, bandages etc.
  • App will provide the "Google map" location where the help is needed.

Use our application "Dig for help" to get help in critical situation.

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