Dig it down to get your help in disaster.

Version 1.0

In Mumbai, a city in India, during monsoon season almost all roads are flooded because of heavy rainfall. In such a disaster environment its a common problem to become stuck without having necessary medicine, food or other accessories. Its a good precaution to stock all the necessary goods for any disaster such as heavy rainfall, which may lasts longer than one or two weeks. But in some sudden disasters, like “Maharashtra floods of 2005” incident [1], people can't get a chance to buy their necessary goods as a precaution. In this situation its hard to go outside. If somehow they make to go outside, its quite impossible to get an open store.

Transportation system are down and all kinds of public vechicals are almost unavailable. In heavy monsoon season its hard to manage to go their destination because of less number of vechical in the road. If they somehow manage any vechical, they have to pay high. Its quite possible to be the car out of order due to the heavy rainfall, in such a situtation people can not mange a vechical or some other help to repair the car.

Also in the disaster environment police or other security community can not provide thight protection, which is the root cause of more crimes. Also its hard for the medical volanteer to reach in location where the emergency help needed most.

So we came up with our application “Dig for Help”, which makes it possible you to dig for help in disaster environment. Our app helps people to get necessary goods or help as early and quickly as possible in a just few simply steps.

Our application “Dig for Help”, lets you make a request to the “Dig for Help” Community. This makes it possible to get the necessary goods in a disaster situation. Simply you just have to put a request using our app so that people in our community or other volunteer near to you can come for your help. People can use our application in emergency situation like medical emergency, accident etc. This application helps the volunteer to findout the location where the help needed most. Our app also help people to get police help in some security emergency like robbery, rape etc. If your car is out of order in the middle of your journey or any types of transportaion is not available then you can request to other people to share their car or to help you via our “Dig for Help” community. Our app also gives the google map location where the help is needed.

Use our application "Dig for help" to get help in disaster situation.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maharashtra_floods_of_2005

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