Beacon technology and Big data mining inspired us to strive for a more simple ordering experience. A mutual benefit for customers to easily and comfortably order items with ease, along with owners being able to quickly identify popular trends.

What it does

Dig Bug is a web based / mobile application for owner and customer engagement. Customers simply download the app, sign in to their accounts, and upon walking into a participating bar, the app will query for near by bars and offer menu options. The customer is then able to purchase, rate, and review menu items through the app, all within the second they walk through the door. As for the owner of the bar, they have access to an online cloud based service hosted on googles FireBase platform that displays popular menu items, trends of orders, number of current customers and their engagement. Owners would have access to large data information and be able to make informed decisions about their business.

How we built it

The application was built using android studio to develop the customer software. After many hours of struggling with hosting a database on other services and clouds, we were able to implement googles new Firebase cloud platform. From there, we were able to quickly and easily build a database, host the Owner web service software in javascript, and link the android app and services together.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest struggle we encountered during our development was having to constantly adapt to our other struggles. Our first idea ran into a huge road block after trying to use the Intel Edison board. After spending many hours trying to get it to work, we decided to slightly shift our hardware implementation. Unfortunately, once we did that, we discovered how simple our project was. Having already wasted half of our coding time, we had to dramatically change our project direction to an Android application which became our final product. Our complexity came from implementing a cloud based application while juggling two different users (customers and owners). The struggle came from using multiple different platforms and languages to transmit data easily.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We developed a working product. Our project implemented new and advanced cloud based platform tools. We were able to dynamically change directions and pivot our project direction. We took risks and tried to learn new technologies.

What we learned

New hardware is very difficult to work with. Always have a back up plan that you are truly ok with as a back up plan. Don't trust a technology just because it looks cool.

What's next for Dig Bug

Expanding services to restaurants and other customer / owner style business. Implement money transactions with ordering all through the app. With that expansion, increasing data information about clients engagements, likes, and dislikes, along with suggesting other businesses or goods.

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