Sustainable Biz methodologies for Connecting, Marketing (Retail outlet) / Enabling (food or consumables stall, dining services) and Selling

What it does

Developing an appropriate market share for your business’ products or services is definitely important keeping in mind today’s challenges and competition, this is irrespective of whether it is a doorstep delivery business or techno-savvy business. The COVID-19 crisis has left many businesses with revenue deficit or treading newer role play

Right and effective methodologies can help cause people to seek your products or services for the first time, subsequently, or even recommend your business to others. The approach to marketing / enabling & selling is fast and more different today.

Again a business concept called FASTBIZ coupons can help create an apt market share.

How I built it

I based my thinking on the methodologies such as

  1. The Marketing and Sales Funnel (explained in the presentation)
  2. SPIN Selling (explained in the presentation)
  3. Choreography via Quality practices that exist and one of my own called the Management Index Regulation (MIR 2020, also explained in the presentation)

Challenges I ran into

I have tried to address the issue of Sustainable development and growth and have not involved myself with business specific responsiveness for my customer's shortlisted needs or potential customer's interests.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have conceptualized 2 "business model enrichers"

  1. A Management index Regulation quality model Proof of concept URL:

  2. A FASTBIZ model Proof of concept URL:

Other continual solution offerings have been

What I learned

The problem solving is more about helping a business deal with implicit, known or emerging demand “profitably”.

A Trending part of the problem solving necessarily deals with risk, crisis and demand/supply dynamics..

A Connecting part must connect the business to the ecosystem of investors, partners, suppliers, inter-related businesses and customers.

What's next for Difference To Small Businesses (D2SB)

D2SB stands for Difference To Small Businesses D2BS stands for Difference To Business Sustainability The 2 words or short forms mean the same insight.

Developing a functional business "enricher" via my work in progress landing page

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