Few days back we met our friend who was suffering from flu and he wanted to eat Cookies, but he was not sure if he can eat it. He was taking medicines for flu but he had waste time searching on different websites. There is no such application available that would have helped me see immediately that he can eat that food or not.

What it does

Alexa based skill named DietPRO that can help Optum users to know recommendations for their Diet whenever they run into any symptoms or diseases while they are taking any specific medication and want to eat something. They can easily ask DietPRO using Alexa, if they can eat that food or not? Alexa can recommend food based on the data from the trusted CRM and taking into consideration the current medication preferences as well as dietary preferences. DietPRO, can also recommend amount of water person needs to drink on the basis of current medication and how many times user needs to drink water! Twilio helps to send the notifications to the user reminding for the amount of water to be intake. Using Twilio we have implemented Chat as well as Voice Call service that helps user to use their SMS service to communicate with the application when user is away from Alexa. Using SMS user can chat with our system and get answers to questions like "What can I eat today?" and on the basis of the dietary preferences as well as their medications our system would recommend the food. Moreover, user can also SMS or ask Alexa to get connected with the Dietitian using Twilio Voice Services.

How we built it

We used Heroku to host our server. SMS and Voice service is implemented using Twilio API. Alexa skills set is developed in Python and flask server. Application is currently Prototyped is developed Axure.

Challenges we ran into

We tried building the application in React Native but due to lack of documentation and time we were not able to achieve the complete functionality. However, we have only UI in React Native of the application. We tried using Firebase database but due to lag we decided to use simple REST API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Alexa skills that were not available but could save millions of dollars for users of Optum by preventing visits to Doctor throughout the year with regular dietary recommendations based on their current medication.

What we learned

REST API calls, Alexa skills development, Twilio API integration

What's next for DietPRO

This could be made as a product which can be used by insurance companies as an add on application to their existing customers.

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