Inspiration - Lack of applications trying to give users value for money

What it does - Diet Guide provides users with a custom diet plan with a maximum nutrition index, while taking care of their allergies, budget, and calorie intake

How we built it - A Client - Server architecture, using a Java back-end and VueJS as front-end, accessing several REST APIs.

Challenges we ran into - Understand and extracting various data related to nutrition. Accessing and modifying API responses. Minimizing API calls to make responses faster.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - To get the end result as expected in a very short time frame. Nutritional index calculation and budget based diet plan which were tailored to user's needs.

What we learned - Better team coordination, Staying awake for 30 hours to get the required result. Working with different technologies.

What's next for Diet Guide - We want to expand the functionality by adding more features such as making the diet plans more customized for the user based on their health conditions and several other factors that affect the user.

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