Starting off we all wanted to go towards the human wellness route for a project idea. The idea to target older people came when we realized there's a lack of user-friendly websites for old-folks that need a simpler interface. Seeing all the older people around us struggle with technology, it was clear we had to develop something for this underrepresented community.

What it does

Our website demonstrates a section for a potential Virtual Assistant, Mapping Data, Live Updates, Information/Resources, and a COVID-19 survey. In the mapping section the user would have the ability so put their ZIP CODE and see how the COVID looks like around them. In the Live Updates the user would be able to see live data regarding COVID (only the most important). In the Information/Resources section the user can read about COVID symptoms and find resources about where to get the COVID shot and testing sites. The last implementation was the survey that collects user health information and displays data demonstrating how at risk the person is right after with a model.

How we built it

We built our project using Python, HTML, CSS, and JS. The programs we used were VS code and GitHub. Other programs we used was adobe XD, anaconda Spyder using python 3.8, and csv files. Features we used include flask (for data collection from html to python), flask-wtf (a more detailed flask), pandas, seaborn, and attempted IBM Z.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenge for us was implementing the chat bot. One of our team members spent most of his energy towards a chat bot that ended up not being fully functioning. Another challenge was a little lack of organization. There were times that someone was working on something without purpose and we all simply let it happen. The last issue was time zone difference since one of our members was in EST and all else in PST.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. For me, Gabby, I am proud that I was able to learn so much within a short amount of time., I learned a good amount of 3 different languages during this hackathon as a beginner programmer. Many of us challenged ourselves to pick up new skills that we never have done before and made us work even harder.
  2. For me, Esme, I am proud of applying what I recently learned in my deep learning course in this hackathon. I learned how to read from URL csv files using python as well as writing to files. This hackathon I pushed myself to take little to no breaks and learn complete data extraction from html to python for the local csv files I had. I am so proud of myself for getting it to work in such small amount of time.
  3. For me, Edwin, I am proud of being able to create a training model using my deep learning skills. Although there were some very unusual technical issues I had run into that I never previously come across, it felt rewarding to overcome them. Additionally, learning to create, further manipulate and work with data is always a great skill to learn and harness.

What we learned

We learned that working alone is far less productive than working with others. We learned that sometimes explaining to another person what you're stuck on helps the issue become apparent. Also having experience means nothing if you don't know how to learn skills out of your comfort zone in a few hours.

What's next for DiedOmega

We all came in without any ideas, so we started from scratch. Most of us didn't know each other as well, but we formed a good connection and collaborated really well. I could see a lot of potential for this project if given more time and tested for accuracy and would benefit many older individuals who have less knowledge about tech in general! The next steps for our team is to continue to stay as a group in future hackathon since we worked so well together. It would be nice to continue this project in another hackathon and get everything fully operational and potentially ready-to-launch.

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